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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Movies Release Roundup 29 April 2011

This is less a roundup, more a review of the one film released this weekend that I've seen and haven't reviewed yet. Also released this week was From Prada to Nada, one of those modern teen updates of Pride and Prejudice. I missed the press screening for it but, between you and me, however much one shouldn't review a film without seeing it, I don't think I missed much.

Get Low is a very low-key little film that should act as a great alternative for people who aren't in the mood for massive superhero blockbusters and silly comedy remakes. It has a great central premise of an old hermit suddenly returning to society as he enlists the aid of a funeral home to throw him an extravagant send off - with the twist being that this funeral should take place while he's still alive and kicking. The film's rustic setting gives the film a very distinctive, moody atmosphere and the simple storytelling allows the memorable characters to take centre stage. Most impressive of all, though, is that these characters are played by three incredible veteran actors (Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek and, taking centre stage, Robert Duvall) - and one rather impressive relative youngster that will leave fans of the cult TV show American Gothic shocked to realize just how much time has passed since that show's premature end. It's a slow, meditative character drama that may not be quite as special as some critics have suggested - the plotting could have been tighter and it never quite lives up to its promise of being "a true tall tale" - but it's a good art film and an even better acting showcase. (8/10)

Best film of the week: Thor! 
Worst film of the week: Arthur,  technically, but I still really liked it. It really is a very solid week for films with something for everyone to enjoy.            

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