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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


OK, so after two relatively lengthy reviews, here's a bit of a quickie about a film that I saw months ago and, as such, took me a little while to remember. This doesn't mean it isn't any good, though...

Now, admittedly, though Puncture is not the most memorable of films, having read the IMDB's plot synopsis, I do actually remember liking it quite a bit. For a start, Chris Evans is really good in it and he proves once again that he is way more versatile than one would think on first glance. In fact, it's kind of his Erin Brokovich, if Erin Brokovich was more drug-addled-mess and less blonde-bimbo-or-is-she. It's based on a true story and, it has to be said, the true story is pretty damn interesting. In short, Evans plays a very troubled lawyer who ends up taking on Big Medicine, after one of the US's biggest medical corporations stops its hospitals from making use of a life-saving, but not cost-effective, syringe whose retractable and one-use-only needle would protect the healthcare workers from, among other things, HIV infection. It's a jaw-dropping story that more than deserves to be told and that it has so troubled a character at its centre only makes it all the more effective as a film. Its filmmaking is fairly ordinary and it has as forgettable a title as it is possible to have, but Puncture is more than worth a watch, especially for fans of legal dramas.

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