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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Vincent Wants to Sea (Vincent Will Meer)

It's a fairly packed Friday for new cinema releases so before getting to the likes of Magic Mike, The Woman in Black, In the Land of Blood and Honey an, oh yes, Act of Valor, I just need to finish off last week's lineup with a quicky review of this little German road-trip movie.

The road-trip film is a proud tradition of US cinema and you don't have to look to hard to find similar, but decidedly shorter, examples of the same from the UK , but how many German road-trip movies have you seen? Well, if Vincent Wants to Sea is any indication, we haven't seen enough of them.

Horribly punny English title aside, what we have here is a very unassuming, character-driven film about the titular Vincent, a young man suffering from Tourettes Syndrome, who, along with two other patients, flees from a rehabilitation centre to fulfill his mother's dying wish: to have her ashes scattered over her favourite Italian beach. Needless to say, there is much soul-searching and increasingly complicated relationship stuff that happens along the way and it's pretty easy to see where it's all heading but, like the best road trips, it is the journey, rather than the destination that truly matters.

The film boasts some very strong performances, plenty of charm and some seriously beautiful cinematography. Who cares if it's unoriginal, predictable and more than a little contrived? Especially when you throw in some moments of genuine human emotion and believably troubled, but sympathetic, characters.

It probably won't be on for long so don't be put off by the title and give this little gem of a film a shot.


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